Gemstone and Crystal Correspondence

Gemstones in alphabetical order--AB


Stone: Beryl
Color: Varied
Associated Element: Water
Energy: Receptive
Magickal properties:~ Beryl is actually a family of stones with the same composition, but impurities occurring in the stones produce different colors. Aquamarine and emerald are both types of beryl. Colorless, or clear beryl, called Goshenite, has been used for thousands of years for crystal divination spheres (crystal balls). Beryl is associated with the sea and is another stone to provide protection while traveling over water.

Stone: Bloodstone
Color: Medium to dark green with red/orange spots/bands
Associated Element: Fire
Energy: Projective
Magickal Properties:~ The bloodstone has ancient associations with blood and healing and has a wide variety of uses. It is also called heliotrope and is a type of jasper. It is used to heal and avoid wounds, ensure success, attract money, and protect pregnant women. It also can be used to produce "invisibility" or "cloaking" when in a place or involved in a situation where one does not wish to attract attention to oneself. Bloodstone ensures justice and fairness in court and legal affairs. It also fosters creativity, development of talent, idealism, and good fortune. Magickal lore states that when a bloodstone's energy is depleted, the red spots will turn to white, and the stone should be returned to the earth.

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